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Publish Tableau Dashboards to CRM Analytics :-)

Gain insights on Tableau Cloud and Tableau Server data from the comfort of CRM Analytics Home. Easily publish Tableau Cloud and Tableau Server dashboards, sheets, and stories to a CRM Analytics app or Lightning page without first embedding Tableau views or installing additional software. Combine Tableau Cloud and Tableau Server views with CRM Analytics content in a single dashboard, apply Tableau filters to it, and share it with colleagues to keep them updated on the same data. To access the published Tableau content more easily, favorite the dashboard in Analytics Home. Where: This change applies to CRM Analytics in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. CRM Analytics is available in Developer Edition and for an extra cost in Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited editions

Who: Tableau Views is available to users with a Tableau Creator or Explorer (can publish) license. Why: Embed a published Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server view in a CRM Analytics dashboard to analyze your data without switching accounts. For example, keep tabs on your shipment trends from Tableau in the same CRM Analytics dashboard that you track sales orders.

How: Ask your Tableau admin to configure the publishing settings in Tableau. Configure your Salesforce org to so users can publish Tableau dashboards, sheets, and stories to a CRM Analytics app or Lightning page. In Tableau, select the view that you want to publish to CRM Analytics.

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